Personal service without the premium price

At Emshwiller & Emshwiller Public Accounting we prepare individual tax returns in addition to our full range of business accounting and payroll services. Depending on the complexity of your tax return there are very good reasons to seek our individual tax return preparation services.

We save you time and stress in trying to complete the forms yourself. When your taxes get complicated you have us on your side to help you get through it. It’s unfortunate, but people often won’t seek professional tax help because there is a common misconception that if you have a professional accounting firm prepare your taxes that you will pay through the nose for the service. While it may be that way at many firms it is not that way at Emshwiller & Emshwiller Public Accounting.

Individual Tax Return Pricing

We price our services very competitively. We’ve been doing individual tax returns for over 70 years and you can bet we know the ins and outs of the tax laws—especially those related to farming. While we handle taxes for all types of revenue, our extensive experience in farm taxes is a big plus to our farming community. To ease your mind about price just compare us to what you paid over the past couple of years at the “Big Box” corner tax service and you might be surprised at how affordable truly professional tax preparation can be. Plus, our added level of service and expertise is a solid benefit.

Individual Tax Return Preparation

Out of the box software for tax returns may work fine for many tax filers but if your taxes are even a little bit out of the “typical” range it really pays to have a knowledgeable expert working out the details for you. The off the shelf tax software is designed as a “one size fits all” approach. Are you a one size fits all person? We didn’t think so. We will expertly prepare your return taking advantage of all legal deductions to give you the highest possible refund or minimize what you may have to pay. We explain the pros and cons of each available option. This empowers you to choose the course that best fits your needs. With Emshwiller & Emshwiller Public Accounting you know you’re making the right decisions.

Another service factor is that the “Big Box” corner tax service is not staffed 100 percent with full time accounting professionals. At tax time they dramatically increase their staff with inexperienced people to meet demand. This can be a scary proposition when you trust something as important as your taxes to a temporary worker. We’ve been here for 65 years and you know you can always come to us with any questions or concerns about the taxes we file for you.

Individual Tax Return Planning

Neither the “Big Box” corner tax service nor the “Small Box” over the counter software is going to be much help to you as you plan for your future. At Emshwiller & Emshwiller Public Accounting we listen to you. You can talk to us about your expenses, finances, retirement and other important financial issues and we will help. We give you advice on how much you need to save and how to structure your assets in order to reach your financial goals.

How will pending tax law changes affect you or your business? Are there hidden traps that may increase your tax burden? Our individual tax return planning can answer those questions and have you prepared for the future.


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