John Emshwiller of Emshwiller & Emshwiller
To Attend AlliantGroup’s
“Economic, Legislative & Policy Summit”

John Emshwiller, President of Emshwiller & Emshwiller, in Bluffton Indiana, has the unique opportunity to participate in an “Economic, Legislative & Policy Summit” taking place on November 9 & 1 oth in Houston, Texas.

This Summit, hosted by AlliantGroup, will deliver an exclusive opportunity for exchange between business leaders and the various governmental and economic organizations that support them.

Congressman Patrick McHenry from North Carolina, a member of the House Financial Services Committee and Vice-Chairman of the full committee will be the Key-note speaker. In the 113th Congress, Congressman McHenry served as Chairman of the House Financial Services committee’s Oversight and Investigations Subcommittee which provided oversight of the Federal Reserve, Treasury, the Securities and Exchange Commission, and other federal financial regulators.

In addition to Congressman McHenry, the event will include panel and think tank discussions involving current and former heads of state, executive officers and leaders of dynamic fast­growing companies for this extraordinary event. Mr. Emshwiller will be a participant in the panel discussions and Think Tank sessions focusing on the economic growth outlook for 2017 and beyond, the current state of business & tax reform, legislative changes for the coming year and how the result of the Presidential election will impact our lawmakers, and most importantly, what economic indicators our experts are seeing that are critical to moving businesses and the American economy forward.

Each of these persons are extremely influential in upcoming business legislation discussions and each of them want to hear from business owners and leaders. They have all committed their time to this Summit to get direct feedback as to the needs of the business community.